6 Benefits of Glass Storefronts

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July 16 2018

6 Benefits of Glass Storefronts

Glass storefronts are very popular in offices right now and for good reason. They not only look great, but they have many other benefits as well. Here are six of our favorites:

1-More Natural Light

Glass storefronts maximize the use of natural lighting in office spaces because they allow natural light to disperse into rooms without windows and other spaces that would otherwise be dark.

2-Lower Energy Costs

Since glass storefronts make the most of natural light, you should not have to use as much artificial lighting. That translates to lower costs for electricity.

3-Modern & Professional Look

Glass storefronts brighten and open office spaces, giving them a very modern, clean and professional look. This can make a great impression on clients and other visitors.

4-Noise Control     

The glass panels used in today’s glass wall storefronts have built-in acoustical control. This technology, plus the advanced seals used to connect the panels, allows these systems to block out sound just as effectively or better than traditional walls and doors.

5-Easy Maintenance

Glass storefronts are easy to clean and affordable to maintain. The storefronts we install go on top of the carpet, so they are also demountable and can be moved.

6-Improved Employee Morale & Productivity

Research has shown that workspaces that have a lot of natural light can have a positive impact on both employee morale and productivity. The open feeling in offices with glass storefronts and interior glass walls can also promote collaboration and camaraderie.

Service West Loves Installing Glass Storefronts

The Service West team has helped numerous clients successfully incorporate glass storefronts and glass walls into their office designs. If you’re interested in renovating your office or if you’re planning to relocate your office in the near future, give us a call at 510-746-3700 or email us at info@servicewest.com.