Advantages of Lean Construction

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Advantages of Lean Construction
October 15 2018

Advantages of Lean Construction

Construction firms looking to increase efficiency should consider implementing lean construction techniques. Lean construction will not only allow teams to complete jobs faster, but also saves them money, uses less waste, and heightens safety. Curious if your firm should start exercising lean construction practices? Take a look at some of the advantages of lean construction below:

It’s Safer

When a company decides to integrate lean construction practices, they will start by planning out how a job will be completed. During this time, workers can predict points in which safety may be a concern. Thereafter, they can look into the ways that lean practices can make the project safer. To illustrate, if workers are required to move large pieces of wood, they can optimize the efficiency of the project by making the lumber easily accessible. Workers will not be required to lift heavy materials over long distances, making it less likely for someone to get hurt.

It Minimizes Waste

One of the main goals of lean construction is to eliminate waste as much as possible. Rather than simply throwing away unused materials, lean construction promotes reusing. Reusing is not only good for the environment but also good for companies who wish to save money on projects. During the planning process, workers can also brainstorm methods to reduce the number of wasted materials after a project is completed.

It Saves Time and Increases Income

Since job efficiency is a top priority of lean construction practices, workers will spend less time completing projects. When these jobs are completed faster, workers will have more time to take on new projects and make more money. For example, modular homes are a form of lean construction in that they are mostly built off-site in a controlled environment and then completed at the construction site. They are quicker to make because they use repeated sections, which also saves money.

It Lowers Total Labor Costs

Construction workers are often paid by the hour. When lean construction is implemented, employees will work shorter hours since they can get projects done faster. This means that projects will not run past the projected completion time, eliminating the chance that a firm will be wasting money on labor.

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