The Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

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Benefits of Biophilic Office Design
September 10 2018

The Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

Office spaces have a larger impact on the well-being of employees than you might think. When biophilic components are introduced into offices, they have been shown to have a positive effect on both our well-being and energy. Better yet, studies have shown that they also improve employee blood flow, heart rate, and stress levels. Since positive employee well-being is vital for increasing employee engagement and retention, more employers are creating biophilic spaces.

Here are the main benefits of biophilic office design:


Besides the benefits we mentioned above, adding biophilic elements such as plants not only help minimize dust and bacteria but can also reduce COlevels. Adding plants to your office space will also benefit any employees suffering from allergies, since they will be breathing in fresher air. This improved air quality can result in fewer employees getting sick.

When a workplace has artificial lighting, employees are more prone to eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches. This is especially true when they are staring at a computer screen all day. Incorporating more natural light into an office is a simple way to eliminate these negative impacts on employees as well as add a little Vitamin D. Moreover, natural light brings some of the outdoors in, making employees feel less claustrophobic and more relaxed.


Plants come in a broad assortment of colors and textures, and adding them to a workplace can instantly make it more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they are inexpensive and it does not require much effort to add them to the office. Employers will have to decide if they want to add only a few plants or go all-out and build an entire wall of plants.

Beside plants, you should also consider adding natural finishes with rock, sand, water, or wood. If you are looking to add a sleek look and feel to your office, try marble, stone, or granite. However, if you wish to add something warmer and more versatile, try wood. Wood produces an inviting, home-like atmosphere and works well with other natural elements. So, you have the option to combine wood with marble, stone, or granite.


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