How We Work


Sustaining Best Practices in Facility Services

At Service West, we strive to continuously improve our operations daily and year after year. Always ready to think outside the box and driven by continuous improvement, Service West has worked with and learned from other leaders in the industry. In 1999, Service West started collaborating with two other leading installation companies. The relationship began with regular, informal meetings, but soon common obstacles were identified, innovations were shared, and everyone benefitted.

This group eventually grew into the Facilities Service Network (FSN), which includes 14 of the most successful installation companies in the United States, Canada, and Australia. As a continuing participant in FSN, Service West continues to lead the way in improving procedures and processes internally and across the industry.

A Culture of Learning

Our role in FSN has allowed us to maintain open communication with furniture dealers and manufacturers across the globe. We’re proud to provide a valuable perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the facility service industry, and we always jump at the opportunity to gain insights from corporate partners when they translate into better results for our customers.

Sustainability for the Future

Service West has always been committed to carry out a robust recycling program. Today, this recycling program is widely considered a best practice example and one the many ways we’re positioning ourselves for the future.