How We Work:Client Engagement


A Company That Prioritizes Results-Oriented Planning

In addition to the technical assets at our disposal, the professionals at Service West excel at rigorous planning and old-fashioned communication. Whatever the size of the project at hand, the experts at Service West gather preliminary information and provide follow-up support to ensure the project is completed on time.

Experienced Project Managers and Lead Installers share the vision of the project with the entire crew, and regular Project Progress Report (PPR) meetings serve as the safety net to ensure the vision is implemented.

Leaving a Great Impression

At Service West, every part of the workflow is centered on improving the customer experience. Drawing on the company’s extensive collective know-how, Service West actively anticipates customer service requirements far ahead-of-the-curve. Service West works to ensure each customer experiences great service and our caring professionalism.

A Focus on Communication

Service West realizes that clear communication is critical to exceeding customer expectations. To foster healthy communication, Service West works to build warm, friendly relationships with all customers. With a real, human connection in place, day-to-day interaction becomes far more productive and fruitful. At Service West, we believe that what we do is more than just a job; collaborating with customers is essential to achieve common goals.

The Service West Difference

Service West knows the importance of standing out from the crowd. We approach every job and every customer interaction with a high level of professionalism and urgency. Service West professionals complete projects in an orderly fashion and always strive to build long-term customer relationships.