How We Work:Expertise


Service West has adapted and thrived over three decades of economic ups and downs in the contract furniture industry. Strong teamwork, clear communication, dedicated customer relationships, and a diverse offering of services has made us a leader in this industry. Our expertise directly correlates with the needs of our customers. We value timely installations and clear project goals, using quality service and unsurpassed technology to meet the demands of our community.

Service West Is a Learning Organization

Our stimulating work environment encourages an ever-widening range of expertise. We encourage employees to participate in training seminars, coaching sessions, mentoring relationships and give them the hands-on experience they need to reach their highest potential. Project managers and account managers serve as trusted advisors to our customers and mentor our employees to enhance performance and efficiency. Our customer service specialists and project managers solicit customer feedback, and our leadership team constantly monitors projects to ensure that customer requests are implemented.

The Service West Advantage

Our employees enthusiastically pursue excellence from project start to project completion, and it all goes back to our three guiding principles: dedication to customers, use of innovative technology, and commitment to doing great work. We take care of our employees, and they take care of our customers.

The Service West Family Spirit

Service West embraces family spirit despite the fast-paced and sometimes impersonal professional culture of the times. Close communication and personal bonds are at the heart of our working relationships, and this investment in family spirit has helped us to keep the same employees and customers for years on end.