How We Work:Technology


Discovering a Need

Rather than wait for an innovative software to meet our needs, we developed solutions ourselves. The result is a proprietary, custom-written software system called OrderWorks™ that oversees every aspect of our project management logistics, tracking invoices and deliveries with seamless integration into our finance and accounting departments.

Key Benefits to the Customer

OrderWorks™ is designed to:
  • Plan and manage all of our people, products, and resources to ensure customer expectations are met and jobs are completed on time.
  • Facilitate communication with customers regarding the status of their projects.
  • Designed to provide post-installation details often required by customers.

Two additional modules called AssetWorks™ and DeliveryWorks™, have been developed to enhance the capabilities of our asset management and delivery departments. Now, our customers have the power to match available products with new requirements, review inventories, and check delivery status–all with the click of a button.

Taking Advantage of Other Technologies

All team leads carry iPads with sophisticated Cloud-based construction project management software that help them manage projects, damage claims, and punch-lists. This system creates real-time collaboration between ourselves and our customers.