Do You Need an Immersive Workspace?

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May 16 2018

Do You Need an Immersive Workspace?

If you’re planning to renovate your office, but prefer something non-traditional, you may want to consider an immersive workspace. Changing dynamics in the business world have made today’s workplaces intensely dissimilar to those from a generation ago. Employees no longer want workspaces that are just for work. They want spaces where they can work, collaborate, connect with others, and that include areas borrowed from and traditionally found in hospitality and residential spaces. This is why immersive workspaces are thought to be ideal for today’s offices, based on research findings from Knoll.

What Is an Immersive Workspace?

An immersive workspace is one that actively engages the senses of employees. It’s a space where creativity, innovation, inclusion and strategic communication are encouraged through principles and elements of design.

The Three Essential Elements of an Immersive Workspace

Immersive workplaces consist of three key elements – communal, dimensional and improvisational. These elements promote effective communication, collaboration, and the ability of employees to have a constant ebb and flow throughout the workspace. Here is more information about each of the three elements:

  • Communal – This characteristic of immersive workplaces centers itself around human interaction. It means that there are things about the workplace that help employees to connect, to work together on creative ideas and projects, and to come up with innovative ways to solve problems.
  • Dimensional – This is the element of immersive workspaces that stimulates all the senses and strategically controls interaction and touch points throughout the space. Immersive workspaces should be designed so they’re optimized to be appealing visually and to the touch using the ideal textures and materials.
  • Improvisational – This is the aspect of the immersive workspace that gives employees the ability to flow easily throughout their day and their work. It means the workspace adapts to the movement of groups and individual workers, rather than the employees having to adapt to a rigid space. This type of workspace as the ability to adapt and change over and over again as needed.

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