Office Design Tips for Boosting Productivity

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office design tips for boosting productivity
December 06 2018

Office Design Tips for Boosting Productivity

The design of an office space has a more substantial impact on employee productivity levels than you might think. Studies have shown that design components such as lighting, noise level, decor, and temperature can have a huge influence on work output. Below we take a look at a few other office design tips for boosting productivity:

More Vibrant Conference Rooms

Most companies hold multiple meetings a week (sometimes per day) in conference rooms. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these conference rooms are set up in an engaging way. Employees will lose interest and motivation when they have to walk into a bland meeting room all the time. You should make the conference area large and open, with large windows to bring in natural light. Adding comfortable couches or other seating options can also make this room more inviting. Doing so will not only motivate the employees, but will also encourage them to build a better sense of community.

Stress Relief Areas

Employees need to take a break every so often. After all, it is unhealthy to sit and stare at a computer screen for several hours straight. Including “stress relief” or “break” areas in your office space design is a great way for employees to take a moment to refocus and refresh. These areas can include comfy chairs, a television, or a startup company favorite: a ping-pong table.

Mobile/Standing Work Space

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t exactly ideal for getting those creative juices flowing. Anyone who has encountered writer’s block can agree that moving around can usually help. Sometimes, a simple change of scenery is all it takes to fix this. Therefore, mobile workstations are an excellent investment, since they allow employees to move around anytime they sense their productivity sinking. These can also be used to promote collaboration between co-workers, since you can move your desk to various departments, depending on who you need assistance from. Standing workspaces are rising in popularity and offer similar benefits, since they also give people a break from their seats.

Bulletin Boards

Putting up a large bulletin board in your office space will keep everyone up-to-date on the latest company announcements or achievements. It can also be used as an organizational tool, reminding employees of when certain imperative tasks are due. You can also allow this board to be a “community board,” in which every employee has the opportunity to add to it. This is yet another way to engage employees in an office space.

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