Our Clients:Testimonials


First of all I would like to take a moment to commend your Project Management. I appreciate Sam’s great ability to lead this job from delivery to installation and completion, and update me on a daily basis in the morning and afternoon. I also appreciated . . . the crews great ability to work together, protect the job site, leave it clean on a daily basis, install all components correctly, and do a final clean was tremendous! I also appreciate the great warehouse, and support staff that Service West has! Please forward this message to all in your company that need to see it, so they are aware of their crews Great Performance!

– National Engineering Firm

Thanks very much for all the work completed by you and your crew! You guys really put out and do a great job and we really appreciate everything you do. You and your team have been able to adjust, regroup and keep the flow moving without missing a step and we have received little to no complaints from our customers. All of your builds, configurations and re-configurations have been quality work and we thank you for your A-team and the quality of work performed!

– California Government Agency

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the outstanding professional job and service Margaret Spargo has provided to our. An incredibly warm, loving person, we are blessed each day by Margaret’s enthusiasm and kind heartedness, whether in person, through email or returning a phone call. We have worked in this industry over 16 years, and seldom encountered a person with her dedication, follow through and commitment to service. Margaret’s abilities of organization, communication and attention to detail are simply remarkable. We are very grateful to Margaret not only for the high level of service she provides but the warmth and generous spirit she shares with each of us.

– Regional Healthcare Company

The Transitions’ team who has had the distinct pleasure of working with Susan Noh on the Hayward Hospital Decommissioning Project would like to commend the high enthusiasm, leadership and commitment to service Susan brings with her every day. Susan began as one of the crew who was assigned to the Service West team, but quickly became the shining star of the crew because of her dedication and work ethic. Susan follows directions well, but also provides excellent ideas to increase the work flow and productivity of the team. Susan should be recognized for her incredible sense of organization, her never failing optimism, her skills in leadership and her ever present good spirit. If we could have Susan leading every job we have scheduled, we know the job would be completed perfectly and with a positive attitude.

– Relocation Consulting Firm

Just a little heads-up. I have been getting Paul’s Hazard Analysis regularly!! I was walking the building and came around the corner and Paul was conducting a morning Safety meeting!!! I have noticed that ALL of the Service West guys have been wearing their PPE! These are exactly the things I need from our contractors right now during our crunch to get things done as soon as possible.

– Global Electronics Provider

Today in my meeting with our team, Paul the Manager of Site Services/Site Operations made special mention that ‘the Service West team have been extremely professional, organized and courteous during the project he is quite impressed with the work completed and is aware that this has been a challenging project. Good work!

– International Biochemical Company

I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know what a great job the team is doing on the wall project. Sammy has done a great job keeping abreast of logistical challenges as well as coordinating the deliveries out to site on time. Cipriano has been a pleasure to work with (and) has been doing a great job on the install. We really appreciate the strong team you guys have put on this one. Once again, Service West has provided an incredible level of dedication and professionalism. It’s the collective team work that allows us all to pull off another successful wall project. Hats off to the team!

– Global Electronics Provider