Our Solutions:Commercial Furniture Installation


For more than three decades, Service West has provided top-quality, timely furniture installation to meet demanding timeframes. As the nation’s largest office furniture installation company, we have the experience to meet your unique logistical needs.

Save Yourself the Stress and Invest in Professionals

A lot is on the line when opening a new business, or when reopening after renovations, and that’s why companies choose Service West. By providing ongoing communication and putting tracking in customers’ hands, we deliver our most valuable product: peace of mind.

The Right Team for Projects of Any Size

We employ more than 350 people in our field crew. Some of the crew have been with us over 30 years, the field crew averages over 6 years working at Service West. The combination of experience and longevity makes a huge difference on the job. Our staff has seen it all, and they’re able to foresee potential problems and implement creative solutions to avoid them.

Advanced Technology and Logistics

Our proprietary software OrderWorks™ creates and organizes documentation for maximum efficiency. We communicate with customers at all stages of the project using iPads.