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Service West Delivery Advantages

Service West has maintained its position as a leading furniture delivery service with the following selling points:
  • Quick turnaround of reconciled receiving records
  • Thorough inspections, pre and post-delivery
  • Experienced route drivers who know buildings, security requirements, etc.
  • Precise product tracking, even for individual pieces of furniture
  • Attention to details and careful handling of all products.

With our hot board, we’ll know that the table our customer needs by 6pm arrives at our warehouse at 4pm. The moment it is received, we’ll have it on our truck headed to its destination.

24/7 On-Demand Delivery

At each Service West warehouse, company trucks and drivers are on call on a three-shift, twenty-four-hour basis. This process allows Service West to deliver furniture, equipment, and materials in a timely fashion.

Thorough Inspections and Fast Freight Claims

The company’s trained professionals always inspect for damage as they unload product. Any damage found is photographed to aid with any necessary freight claims.