Who We Serve:Dealers


At Service West, we bring the same core values of personal service, efficiency, and innovation to the relationships we build with furniture dealers. Our mutually beneficial relationships with industry leading furniture dealers supports our leads and project management team, giving our customers Service West’s most valuable product: peace of mind.

Why Furniture Dealers Work with Service West

Service West is proud to work with industry leading furniture dealers. We’ve earned their trust by providing installation services from small offices to entire buildings. Our technological capabilities and our expansive warehouse helps us execute the projects rapidly and store large quantities of furniture when necessary.


Our long-term relationships with furniture dealers give us insight into their needs. We’re masters at logistics, and we use proprietary project management software to track everything from order status to invoices and delivery. All of our leads are equipped with GPS-capable iPads, and all of our customers have access to our project management leads.

Working with Service West

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the largest furniture dealers in the industry, building quality long-lasting relationships along the way. If you’re interested in working with us, get in contact today.