Who We Serve:Hospitality


Service West specializes in hospitality installation projects throughout California and Nevada. All Service West, all branches work together to provide services for receiving, storage, delivery and project management for hospitality companies of all sizes.

The Service West Advantage

We do everything from new guest room installations to a total refresh of the guest rooms undergoing renovation. We’ve proven our value in a highly competitive market, and we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations every time.

The Best in Technical Expertise

With so many moving parts in project management, getting the right products installed at the right time can be a real challenge. To make any sized project manageable, we use our proprietary project management software, OrderWorks™, which connects all aspects of a project into one seamless platform.

Timely Precision

In the field, our on-site project managers make sure that all work meets our high standards. Our leads maintain close contact with the project team to anticipate potential issues and propose solutions. They sort out any confusion or conflict regarding product deliveries and construction schedules. This process keeps our installers moving forward and on track, making sure our customers can open for business on time.

Extensive Logistical Support

We have the manpower, vehicles, and tools to complete multiple projects at the same time. Communication with our customers is key, and we provide technology that allows customers to track progress. We’ve worked hard to become the go-to provider of furniture, fixture, and equipment installations in large hotels and hotel/casinos. Contact us today to find out more about our diverse range of services.