When it comes to wall installation and reconfiguration, Service West is the best in the business. We work with all types of architectural and demountable products and lines, and our deep team of skilled wall and journeyman drywallers has more than 250 years of combined experience with the skills and expertise to tackle jobs of any shape or size.

In fact, the sky was literally “the limit” when we installed 37 miles of architectural wall at a Fortune 500 technology client’s “spaceship”-inspired Silicon Valley headquarters, managing a team of 600 carpenters and installers at any one time to meet challenging architectural designs and standards. From major corporate hubs to full or partial floor configurations, we’re ready to help.


Whether it’s an unforeseen pandemic or sudden reduction in staffing, fast-evolving issues arise that can have implications on your existing workplace layout. To assist, we consult with clients on the best ways to efficiently reconfigure spaces for optimal social distancing, productivity and employee comfort. Our ability and willingness to advise, source and install architectural walls to maximize functionality, means spaces can be reconfigured safely, quickly and with minimal disruption to the work environment.

Unlike traditional construction methods, architectural and demountable walls tend to be more eco-friendly and can be adapted, re-used and reconfigured as space demands change.  And, since architectural walls are classified as furniture, as opposed to being an actual part of the building, there can be major tax advantages to the tenant, on top of the flexibility, efficiency, and time benefits.

Today’s sleek designs are complemented with the ability to include special options in architectural and demountable systems.  These include:

  • Ventilation and HVAC systems
  • Acoustical partitions
  • Electrical connections, cabling and special wiring
  • Privacy panels/glass partitions that separate but encourage collaboration


We are certified for all major furniture and architectural wall manufacturers, and work with the best dealers and brands in the business. Our goal: 100 percent client satisfaction, whether that client is a dealer/supplier, general contractor, architect, designer, or ultimate facility end-user.

Service West’s unparalleled experience, depth of offerings, and talented, efficient team can help you make the most of any space – whatever size, aesthetic and configuration is desired.

Assurance in the Field

At Service West, we are committed to delivering an exceptional client experience. That means implementing procedures that save our clients time and energy. For example, our staff have the training and precision to take preliminary and field measurements, and we’ll also provide daily reports with project information and updates (via PlanGrid and our proprietary enterprise resource planning software, OrderWorks™) that make our clients feel like they’re on the job site. Plus, our team is comprised of professionals that can handle daily interactions with general contractors and attend planning meetings, so that our clients can avoid allocating project managers and have peace of mind.