The Science Behind the Best 15 Office Plants

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April 23 2019

The Science Behind the Best 15 Office Plants

It has been scientifically proven that adding plants to your office space improves mental well-being, physical health, and work productivity. Likewise, it’s been proven that cramped, artificially lit, closed-in spaces result in more illnesses and ...

Buying Aeron Chairs for your Office
March 15 2019

Buying Aeron Chairs for your Office? Don’t Get Scammed

No office chair is as famous as Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair, which is credited with starting the ergonomic revolution. Since the Aeron debuted in 1994, it's iconic form has changed very little. Its materials, however, ...

Office Furniture Combines Work and Relaxation
February 15 2019

New Office Furniture Combines Work and Relaxation

Cubicles are no longer the norm when it comes to modern-day offices. Instead, open and shared offices with a variety of workspace configurations continue to rise in popularity. One such workspace configuration that was recently ...

Startup Office Design Tips
February 06 2019

Startup Office Design Tips

As a startup, one of the many tough decisions that you will have to make is choosing how to present your company to others. It can be difficult to design your office in a way ...

Office Design Can Indicate Trust in Your Employees
January 14 2019

How Office Design Can Indicate Trust in Your Employees

Having a great office design has numerous benefits – more engaged employees, lower bills, increased employee morale, and etc. However, in addition, office design can indicate trust in your employees. How you may ask? Let’s ...

Office Design Concepts Gaining Momentum in 2019
January 03 2019

Office Design Concepts Gaining Momentum in 2019

A new year means new innovations in office design. Companies all over have incorporated the most popular office design elements of recent years, such as large collaboration areas, comfy furniture, and standing desks. These designs ...

establish a dog-friendly office
December 17 2018

How to Establish a Dog-Friendly Office

Studies have shown that having dogs in an office space can actually reduce stress and build stronger bonds among employees. Not only that, but it can also increase employee retention, boost engagement and attitude, and ...

office design tips for boosting productivity
December 06 2018

Office Design Tips for Boosting Productivity

The design of an office space has a more substantial impact on employee productivity levels than you might think. Studies have shown that design components such as lighting, noise level, decor, and temperature can have ...

continuous improvement model
November 12 2018

What is the Continuous Improvement Model?

When a business follows the continuous improvement model, they are committed to making improvements to their services, products, and processes over time. At the heart of the continuous improvement model lies six important principles. Below, ...

solution for office space distraction
November 05 2018

Wear Space: The Solution for Office Space Distraction

As mentioned in an earlier blog of ours, at the center of changes in the office space landscape has been the introduction of coworking spaces, such as WeWork. More and more companies are now opting ...