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Service West Storage & Warehouse Services

By Service West

Meticulous receiving, secure storage, attentive handling, timely delivery, and highly skilled repair and refurbishing. Plus 24/7 online access to inventory data and reserve capabilities.  They’re all part of Service West’s comprehensive approach to managing workspace product. We work to minimize end-user downtime during moves, adds, changes and installations, and optimize the value of owners’ product investments.


Strength in Storage

We maintain more than 415,000  square feet of warehousing space in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. Clients can rest assured knowing that all assets in our care are monitored by staff and insured for partial or complete loss or damage. Our facilities are spotless and well-organized, with separate areas for unloading and staging. Experienced, professional drivers operate our fleet of 80-plus trucks and moving machinery.

Staffed by Professionals

Our inventory managers are detail-oriented people with an unwavering commitment to accountability for assets in their care. Our warehousemen are expert in assessing product condition and documenting asset status. They have the product knowledge needed to identify and manage the vast multitude of items, assemblies and parts . Like our drivers, they know how to handle and move workspace product efficiently and prevent damage.


Service West’s commitment to best practices in furniture services is demonstrated by our custom asset management system, AssetWorks™, which clients can access online to review inventories; check product condition and location; reserve product for upcoming projects; check receiving, review freight claims; and make decisions about disposal, liquidation and re-use. With Service West’s AssetWorks™, clients have a highly valuable tool to match available product to new requirements and thus make the most of product investments.