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Need installers for your projects or warehouse space for your products? We are here to help.

By Service West

No one could have predicted the turn of events in the last few months.  Everything around us has been drastically reduced, delayed, or has come to a complete stop during this pandemic.  After adjusting to these major delays and slowdowns, companies are slowly beginning to emerge with projects.


As the dawn is breaking there is still great caution.  You can’t just jump back in without the right team and  sophisticated safety measures in place. A trusted partner who can help get these projects going with consideration of the current situation is a must.  Another concern is who is available to do the work?  Who has the necessary resources to handle your workload?  Service West has not stopped during the pandemic.  We have spent the last couple of months learning and implementing the necessary safety protocols and procedures that will help our clients projects continue safely and successfully.  We have been able to put these methods and procedures into practice and have yielded great results on our projects. While many companies have unfortunately had to shut down we’ve been fortunate to continue.  (For more details on our safety implementation check out: “We’re ready to get to work…” )


The advantage is we have had time to prepare for what we’re up against.  This is a tremendous help for clients looking to get projects underway.  You won’t have to worry about a team trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  We’ve had the last couple of months to do just that.  The other advantage is that we have the manpower available and on standby for projects that may need a substantial amount of manpower or resources to get the job done.  We can have installers available tomorrow to meet your needs.  We also see the need for warehouse storage as new office reconfigurations are laid out  to allow for social distancing.  We’ve added new storage racking and configurations to our warehouse to meet those demands also. We’ll cover more on this in the upcoming article.


There are new construction schedules and protocols that have been put in place due to the pandemic.  Staggered work schedules and extra shifts to allow for social distancing have been implemented to keep employees working separately on site.  Health surveys, temperature testings, and contingency plans have become necessary.  We’re seeing projects where the maximum number of tradespeople is 1 per every 500 sq. feet.  Building entry and exiting is more time consuming because elevators are only allowed a limited number of occupants at a time.  The installers approved for the worksite can’t be replaced if they can’t make it due to site restrictions.  Workers are cleared to work a single floor, multiple floor jobs will need a leadman for each floor with their own crews.  There are wipedown and sanitizing methods that must be done to meet the new standards of approved disinfectant processes.


With these new standards and protocols that must be met to keep a project safe, finding the right installation company with the resources is not even a question, it is a must.  Service West is here.  We’ve got what you need to get your projects done seamlessly and safely.  We are here to help, we have manpower to install your project and we have the warehouse space to store your product.