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We’re ready to get to work…

By Service West
Providing top quality service with safe practices amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all experiencing challenging times during this current pandemic.  Smart choices, safe practices, and great execution has never been more important than now.  That’s why we want to assure you that Service West is doing everything we can to create a workspace environment that is safe.

In our almost 40 years in business we have seen many tough situations that required quick and strategic  actions.  We have endured those times led by a smart team ready to do what it takes to address challenges. We fought through 9-11, and the 2008 financial meltdown.  We want you to know that just like in times past we have moved swiftly to put in place all the necessary measures to face and continue safely and steadily during this storm.  We’re in this together, your success is our success.

We have implemented a temperature test program as a requirement to access any of our job-sites, warehouses, and offices.  We have also implemented a weekly health assessment for all Service West employees to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy.  We’ve added safety masks and gloves to our PPE for all Service West employees.

We have required our employees to exercise good everyday respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control.  The COVID-19 virus is disseminated spread in the same way as the flu or common colds.  Our employees have put these hygiene practices into place to help prevent the spread of the virus.  On our project sites we have a general checklist that has become a part of our proper hygiene protocol for regular cleaning and disinfection.  Focusing on areas like handrails in stairways and walkways, gang-box handles, entry gates, doors, and many more examples helps our team to always be mindful of surfaces that need the most attention.

In view of the Social Distancing Protocol COVID-19, we have made some extensive changes in every area of our workforce.  We have gone through extensive measures to avoid any unnecessary contact between employees.  We have increased the measure of sanitation in all areas and forms.  Common used areas are frequently sanitized and deep cleaned, and meetings have been done utilizing conference/video call technology.

On project sites we have introduced staggered project scheduling to maintain social distancing.  Our stretch and flex sessions have been converted into multiple small sessions rather than one large session. Our aim on every project is safety and preventing  any possible case of COVID-19 on the project.

Jeremy Miller (right) Job Site Test Administor
Ryan Parsons (left) Job Site Test Administor

Service West is ensuring that all efforts for prevention is practiced by all our employees.  We remind our team daily about  effective, medically approved methods for best hygiene and health practices. As new knowledge becomes available we are sharing that information within our team and implementing it immediately.

We want you to know that we care, and are doing our very best to ensure that safety is our top priority for you.  Safety has always been at the top of our list and with the leadership of our Corporate Safety Manager and Leadership team we want you to feel at ease during these times, trusting that we are doing our very best to leave any project we are currently working on or you may need completed in a safe and healthy position.

We are all in this together.  So mindfulness of how we handle projects you have placed in our hands and the state in which we present them to you is of deep importance to us.  We want you to feel secure about your project.  Our goal is to give you peace of mind, knowing that Service West has your back.  Stay safe and healthy


As the Corporate Safety Manager I have learned over the years that what employees always remember and never forget is how you made them feel safe. – Morris Barrier