< Blog Home May 19, 2020

Making a difference

By Service West

During this time where social distancing has become the norm, many of us have realized that we’ve taken human to human interaction for granted.  The need for greater appreciation for one another is an understatement. 

Service West has over 250 employees, one of our top priorities is to make sure that we create structure and future work for our team.  That is why we have adapted to the conditions as quickly as we have.  Providing safety protocols and plans, investing into sanitation methods for our offices and job sites, and teaching our employees how to work safely creates a sense of security that we all need.

Our Projects

We’ve had the privilege to serve in very helpful and impactful ways in our communities.  We all know that hospitals need all the support they can get during these tough times.  We’ve been fortunate enough to help.  In one project we delivered 100+ beds and 300 divider screens in the Southern California region for Kaiser.  The LA region has been the hardest hit area in all of California from this pandemic.

“Our ability to mobilize allowed Kaiser to be ready for the wave of COVID-19 cases that have hit Southern California” said Emilio Chavez, our Director of Sales and Client Relations, Southern California.  

Showing Appreciation

We are also doing some work at Kaiser Baldwin Park.  Emergency workers have been working overtime and working long hours.  In order to show appreciation for their dedication and efforts Service West decided to deliver lunch to their ER department.  During these times every gesture of appreciation or kindness can go a long way.

Bridge Homes

On another project we have had the privilege to do is to install Bridge Homes that hold 100 pop-up beds per shelter.  We are working three locations for this and have already completed 2.  These allow the homeless population to have somewhere they can sleep and store their belongings.  These shelters are throughout LA County.  The dealer we worked with on this project was very impressed with how quick we were able to install these beds.  They also appreciated the extra steps we took to ensure these would be completed in a timely manner.  They look forward to us working on more projects like this for them in the future.  Here’s a statement from one of our Account Managers’ who had the opportunity to work on this project:

“I think this project is a great way to show that the City of LA is making space for those less fortunate and without shelter, especially during times like these where it is being required to sit in place. These bridge homes give the homeless population of LA somewhere to rest their head and regroup. I’m glad Service West was chosen and able to be a part of this experience!”   – Ariana Medellin

These Bridge Homes also included a section where mothers and their children can stay.  When designing they kept this in mind and those areas were made especially spacious for single mothers and their children.

At Service West we always do what we can to make a difference.  If you need installers, products delivered, storage or anything else we’re here to help.