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Looking for short-term storage solutions amidst COVID-19?

By Service West

In many areas COVID-19 have left product with nowhere to go as warehouses are reaching capacity with little to no room to receive product.  Some are finding warehouses that have some space but what they are offering does not make them feel safe.  If you are looking for a storage solution, even if it is short term or until the crisis passes, Service West is here to help.

Available storage

We have 450,000 sq ft. of warehouse space in the Bay Area and Southern California.  If you have product (it doesn’t have to be furniture) that needs storage, we have the space for you.

Asset Management

An example of Service West’s commitment to best practices in warehousing services is our custom-written asset management system, AssetWorks™.  This system gives our clients the ability to have online and realtime access to review inventories, check product condition and location, and to reserve products for upcoming projects.  They can also check receiving records, pull and delivery statuses, review freight claims, and make decisions about disposal, liquidation and re-use. 

Office Reconfigurations and storage solutions

COVID-19 has changed the office space makeup across the nation.  Companies that have continued to work during this time have had to make changes in the office to make room for social distancing.  More employees are working remotely like no other time before but not all jobs can be done outside the office.  Companies have found themselves having to make workspace reconfigurations in order to accomodate for employees that still have to work at the office. 

Creating a safe space isn’t easy when you have nowhere to put your product.   Service West is the solution for you.  We can pick up your product for you, and upload the complete inventory into our AssetWorks Management system, and store your product safely.  You will still have access to your product and it’s condition online at a click of a button.  When it’s time to go back, we can deliver and install it.  You can relax knowing that your product is safe, cared for, and nearby. 

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

 If you’re wondering about how we are handling things at our warehouse during this time, that’s another thing you don’t need to worry about.  We have acted fast and created a COVID-19 Response Plan for our offices, warehouses, and on-site employees.  Respiratory face masks are in effect for all staff.  Gloves and sanitation methods have been implemented throughout our offices and warehouses.  Staggered scheduling and social distancing protocols are ways we have limited unnecessary contact between one another.  Temperature testing and health assessments are done daily for every employee entering and exiting our facilities.  We want to make sure that our employees remain safe. 

We’re here to help, please let us know how we can help you.