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By Service West

Adia Hamilton has been a valued member of the Service West team for 11 years. Since joining the company as a cash application credit specialist in 2008, Adia has served in a variety of finance and technology leadership roles – developing and implementing significant company-wide internal processes and controls.  She currently serves as Service West’s corporate controller, overseeing the organization’s finance team.

Why did you join Service West?

Flexibility and accessibility were two important factors that led me to join Service West. Because the company emphasizes the importance and value of team-family, both in our professional and personal lives, I had the opportunity to raise young children as a single parent while working full-time. When my children were growing up, my work schedule revolved around their schedules – not the other way around. When I had to drop them off and pick them up, to and from school, Service West allowed me that flexibility for nearly 12 years; I wouldn’t have received that same treatment at most workplaces.

What’s the best part about working at Service West?

The people – it’s a very family-oriented company with people who work hard and play hard. Our CEO Mark Vignoles has instilled those values in Service West, and that culture attracts the type of people I enjoy working with. I’ve worked with lots of great people throughout my career here because those values shine in every person who is hired to the team.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work at Service West?

If you want to learn, the opportunity is here. Service West is an open book, so if there are things you want to know about the company or if you want to understand why things operate the way they do –  you will get an answer. Our voices are heard when it comes to determining big changes that impact the company. If the ideas you bring to the table make sense and will affect us positively, then Service West takes your suggestions and feedback into consideration. I always let my team know that they have a voice and encourage them to speak up.