Our Solutions:Architectural Wall Installation


We change the shape of interior rooms with architectural wall installation and walls of all types made to fit a variety of interiors and exteriors. Architectural wall redefines spaces with an extreme level of customization to insure work teams are able to easily collaborate and share ideas.

The Service West Advantage

After more than 15 years, our wall installation team has grown and gained all the experience necessary to take on any sized job–anything from one room to an entire building. Maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime, Service West conducts wall installation with the same commitment to strict timeframes as our renowned furniture installation crews.

Precision Installation and Rapid Completion

We provide rapid completion, though we never sacrifice quality for expedience. Our large, experienced crew has years of experience working with hundreds of interior materials and shapes. In the entertainment industry, healthcare facilities, hotels, and casinos, we’ve adapted layouts to change and improve interior shapes. With our precision fitting and finishing, your final result will seamlessly blend in with the surrounding space.

Project Management

Quotes, invoices, and all other project documentation are just one click away with OrderWorksâ„¢, our proprietary project management software. Our Project Managers and Installers will develop a vision with the customer and use Regular Project Progress Report meetings to ensure that the vision is being brought to reality.