Who We Serve:Healthcare


The healthcare sector has been the latest successful enterprise for Service West. For nearly two decades, the majority of new hospitals, medical buildings and healthcare facilities throughout California have invested in our services.

Careful Planning

Service West is proud to have helped numerous hospitals and clinics around California reopen and return to full capacity with very little downtime. The healthcare sector requires a transition team that will plan the project meticulously and ensure that enough trained and experienced installers are on the project to meet critical timelines. On most jobs, operations remain up and running while the changes are taking place. That’s the Service West advantage.

Working in Sensitive Environments

Few environments are as sensitive as health facilities. Service West takes the safety of its workers and the privacy of health facility residents very seriously. To ensure patient safety and privacy, we perform rigorous background checks on every team member. Workers who move patient files or imaging documents use HIPAA compliant transfer techniques. To provide an extra layer of protection, Service West uses video surveillance in each of its warehouses. We also update freight claims and stock lists in real time, so our customers can keep track of their materials 24/7.

Why the Healthcare Sector Chooses Service West

Each year, Service West relocates clinics, medical offices, and laboratories. Our team is trained to pack, move, relocate, and store delicate and very expensive medical equipment. Service West has the facilities, the team, and the expertise to help health providers focus on what they do best: taking care of their patients.