Office Renovation vs. Office Relocation

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July 17 2017

Office Renovation vs. Office Relocation

Should you take on effort and expense of an office relocation or the headaches of an office renovation? Like any business decision, there are pros and cons for either choice that can affect your business ...

Trade Show - Service West
June 21 2017

Five Must-Haves for Attracting Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

Have an upcoming trade show and want to ensure a good turnout to your booth? Here are five must-haves that will help your booth attract more visitors: Videos An interesting video can get people to stop by ...

Office Collaboration - Service West
June 10 2017

A Mix of Spaces for Employee Privacy & Office Collaboration Promotes Engagement

A number of research studies are showing that both office collaboration and privacy are important when it comes to productivity in the workplace. Employees need to work together sometimes, but they also need quiet spaces ...

Corporate Interior Ideas - Service West
May 21 2017

The Best Blogs for Corporate Interior Ideas

The Internet is dense and overflowing with inspiration and ideas for architecture and design. Where to begin? Check out these websites below and explore the most comprehensive, trendiest sources for corporate interior ideas! Dezeen Dezeen, which is ...

Healthcare Design - Service West
May 10 2017

Innovation in Healthcare Design – Up, Up, and Away!

Innovation and creativity and sweeping the healthcare design industry. For example, instead of choosing a stereotypical cartoonish theme that most pediatric hospitals embody, the leaders of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia decided to opt for ...

moving medical records
April 30 2017

Five Critical Security Steps When Moving Medical Records

It goes without saying that medical and other sensitive records should be safeguarded and treated with the utmost confidentiality. Problems can arise when records are being transported. There are steps that must be taken in ...

office designs
April 25 2017

Learn from the Best: 10 Inspiring, Playful Office Designs

There are as many office designs as there are companies, but not all of them add value to a company, increase employee productivity and morale, or improve retention. Here are 10 winners from a recent ...

nonprofit office design
March 31 2017

Three Fresh Nonprofit Office Design Ideas

You run a nonprofit and you want your surroundings to echo your organization’s mission. You also want your interior space to be conducive to the work you do – to keep your employees dedicated to ...

senior living design
March 25 2017

Three Senior Living Design Trends in 2017

The senior population in America is going to balloon in the next ten years as Baby Boomers enter retirement in greater and greater numbers. This big spike in senior citizens is a wakeup call not ...

office design - Service West
February 24 2017

How an Office Design can Attract Top Candidates to Your Start-Up

Building your office from scratch is one of the most challenging tasks facing your start-up. Finding the right people and the right locations can be difficult, especially if your company is strapped for cash and ...