Three Fresh Nonprofit Office Design Ideas

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nonprofit office design
March 31 2017

Three Fresh Nonprofit Office Design Ideas

You run a nonprofit and you want your surroundings to echo your organization’s mission. You also want your interior space to be conducive to the work you do – to keep your employees dedicated to ...

senior living design
March 25 2017

Three Senior Living Design Trends in 2017

The senior population in America is going to balloon in the next ten years as Baby Boomers enter retirement in greater and greater numbers. This big spike in senior citizens is a wakeup call not ...

office design - Service West
February 24 2017

How an Office Design can Attract Top Candidates to Your Start-Up

Building your office from scratch is one of the most challenging tasks facing your start-up. Finding the right people and the right locations can be difficult, especially if your company is strapped for cash and ...

reopening - Service West
January 24 2017

Planning Your Grand Reopening? Service West Can Help

If your company has recently relocated or undergone extensive renovations, you may be planning a grand reopening celebration for your employees, customers and guests. Preparing for these gala events can be a challenge. Here are ...

commercial contractor service west
January 13 2017

Choosing the Right Commercial Contractor: Four Helpful Hints

The right contractor can make a big difference in your commercial relocation project. Choosing a proven performer in this field can be a tricky proposition, however. Here are four tips that can help your company ...

Hospitality Design
December 29 2016

Step into the Future: Hospitality Design in 2017 and Beyond

A new year calls for new ideas, and that includes with regard to hospitality design. Smart hotels are the next big development in the hospitality industry and will revolutionize travel for guests and staff members ...

Hospital Design
December 15 2016

Modern Hospital Design: Are Decentralized Nursing Stations a Good Idea?

At Service West, we have a deep understanding of modern hospital design and our role in supporting it. Creating the best environment for patients and healthcare personnel is critical to ensuring the success of hospital treatments. ...

Office Design
November 29 2016

How to Create the Ideal Office Design for Your Organization

A recent article from the Harvard Business Review dives into how organizations can learn to implement office designs that positively impact business outcomes including productivity, employee satisfaction, engagement, talent recruitment, and brand impact. Smart companies understand ...

November 15 2016

Average Costs When Renovating an Office Space

Renovating an office can provide your small business with modern surroundings and the accessibility you need to thrive. Before deciding to launch a project, it’s good to know the potential range of expenses to expect. ...

October 31 2016

Why Companies Are Moving Back Downtown

Across the country, businesses are attempting to capitalize on the increasing density of talent clustered in the heart of cities. Between 1996 and 2013, the number of metro area jobs located within three miles of ...